Here are the 5 states voting on marijuana legalization

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Election Day could be a watershed moment for marijuana.

Marijuana legalization will appear on the ballot in five states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, and Massachusetts. And, another four states — Montana, North Dakota, Florida, and Arkansas — will be voting on medical marijuana. 

If all five votes pass, that means that nearly a quarter of all Americans will live in states where weed is legal. It may well be a tipping point for the federal government’s stance on the issue. 

See below for a breakdown of each state:


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California — Very Likely

Californians will be voting on Proposition 64, possibly the most pivotal of all the marijuana initiatives on the ballot.

If California passes recreational marijuana, the world’s sixth largest economy — in terms of GDP — will have a legal marijuana industry.

Prop 64 would allow all Californians over the age of 21 to use and posses marijuana legally. The measure would also create two taxes, one for cultivation, and one for retail. Businesses would need a state license to sell marijuana.

The ballot has been endorsed by a wide range of people, including Peter Thiel, a prominent Trump backer, and Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House minority leader and the representative for California’s 12th district.

Polling indicates that a majority of Californians support Prop 64. A recent USC Dorsnife/LA Times estimated 58% support on the ‘yes’ side. 


Maine — Likely

Mainers will vote on Question 1 on Election Day. If passed, Question 1 would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana as an agricultural product. The ballot measure would also set up a licensing system for retail marijuana stores, and marijuana social clubs.

Though Maine’s Republican governor, Paul LePage, doesn’t support the initiative, a poll conducted in March showed that 54% of Mainers support legalizing weed. 


Massachusetts — Likely

Massachusetts residents will vote on Question 4 on Election Day. While medical marijuana is already legal in Massachusetts, this ballot would create a commission to regulate marijuana for retail sale for those over 21 in the state.

The state would also levy new taxes on retail marijuana. If Massachusetts residents vote yes — marijuana legalization would take effect as soon as December 15, 2016.

Though a number of politicians across the aisle have voiced their concerns, the latest polls show a whopping 64% support for legalization. 




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