19 of the weirdest weapons people have tried to take through airport security

TSA airport checkpoint confiscated weapon knife blade

People traveling through US airports have a number of things to worry about during the holiday season.

For TSA agents, there’s also a variety of things to worry about — knives, fake grenades, swords hidden in canes, knives hidden in guns, throwing stars, and all sorts of other contraband.

The TSA documents some of the weapons and other prohibited items it encounters at security checkpoints, posting them on the agency’s Instagram account, which has accumulated more than 630,000 followers.

Below, you can see a selection of strange weaponry or look-alike weaponry that the TSA has come across and put on its Instagram, which has been ranked as the fourth-best account on the social-media site.

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“Holy purple projectiles, batman! All batarangs, no matter the color, must be packed in your checked bags. This one was discovered in a carry-on bag at Providence (PVD). #zlonk #glurp #blap #vronk #powie”

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“This small knife was discovered in a pill bottle inside a carry-on bag at Jacksonville (JAX). Intentionally concealing a knife (no matter how small) can lead to headaches such as fines and arrest.”

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“#TBT April 2012: Flying fish are found in the ocean, not on commercial aircraft. We hate to be a wet blanket, but spear guns are not allowed in the cabin of an aircraft and must be packed in checked baggage. This spear gun was discovered in a carry-on bag at Raleigh-Durham (RDU).”

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